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Call with Joey - Motherhood

Call with Joey - Motherhood

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📞 Schedule a Casual Chat with Joey 📞

Are you navigating or planning to enter into the beautiful chaos of motherhood? 

Look no further!

Join Joanne Hadjia, also known as twin mother Joey Djia, a twin mum extraordinaire, an accomplished entrepreneur with her own media company, recording studio business and the international best-selling author of self help book "Decompress." In these casual calls, Joanne offers her wealth of experience and insights, providing a space to spark creativity and brainstorm ideas.

🤰🌸 Embrace Motherhood with Joey Djia 🌸🤱

Are you expecting, navigating the incredible journey of motherhood, or embracing the beautiful chaos of postpartum life? Join Joey Djia, a seasoned twin mom and passionate advocate for all things womanly, for an empowering and heart-to-heart conversation.

In this casual call, Joey brings her wealth of experience as a twin mother, international best-selling author of "Decompress," and a fierce supporter of women's journeys.

What to Expect: Before the call, you'll have the opportunity to list your thoughts, questions, concerns, or curiosities. This ensures that our 30-minute conversation is tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're seeking advice on pregnancy, postpartum wellness, or simply looking for a comforting chat about all things womanhood, Joey is here to guide and inspire you.

Please note: Joey is not a medical professional or certified expert. These calls are warm and informal, aimed at providing a safe space for sharing experiences, finding support, and embracing the incredible strength of womanhood.

Book your call today, and let's celebrate the beauty of motherhood and womanhood together! 🌼🌟

By scheduling a call, you confirm that you're aware that Joanne Hadjia, also known as 'Joey Djia' is not a medical professional, therapist, counselor, or certified expert in any specific field relating to therapy, reproduction, medicine or mental health. She offers her insights and experiences in a casual and supportive capacity. Any advice or information provided during calls with Joey should not be considered a substitute for professional medical or therapeutic guidance.

For any medical or psychological concerns, please consult with a qualified healthcare professional or licensed therapist. Joey Djia's calls are intended to provide a safe and compassionate space for sharing experiences and offering general support. Participants are encouraged to seek appropriate professional help for specific needs or concerns.

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