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Topline Vocals

Topline Vocals

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Topline Vocals (Uncredited Artist Name)

Elevate Your Music with Professional Vocals

Are you ready to take your music to the next level? At Djia Media, we offer top-quality Topline Vocals that are specifically designed for commercial release. Please read the following information and terms carefully before making a purchase.

Package 1: Topline Vocals (Prewritten & Provided by Client)

If you already have a rough recording of your song but need a professional studio-quality vocal to release commercially, our Prewritten Topline Vocals package is perfect for you. It's an excellent choice for songwriters, DJs, or producers looking to release their original music or create a cover song/remix of a well-known track!

Package 2: Topline Vocals (Songwriting Required)

If you're in need of a complete topline, including lyrics and melody, or if you're seeking to refine your existing ideas, our Songwriting Topline Vocals package is the ideal solution. Our team of experienced songwriters and vocalists will collaborate with you to bring your musical vision to life. You'll have full creative control and guidance on themes, lyrics, and style.


Our topline vocals are suitable for producers and DJs who require vocals for their instrumental tracks or productions. We provide vocals with leads, harmonies, and adlibs, adding depth and emotion to your music. It's important to note that these vocals are intended for commercial release, and the artist's name will be kept uncredited unless agreed upon between the client and Djia Media. If Djia Media is required to provide any songwriting, the song must be registered prior 


  1. Select your preferred package.

  2. Upload your backing music/production, providing the key, BPM, and any relevant information such as rough demo vocals, desired vocal theme, or reference tracks. If you choose to upload a reference track, please explain the specific elements you are referencing, such as the concept, melody bounce, or desired emotional expression.

  3. Keep an eye on your provided email for the delivery of your completed song!

If you realize any errors or need to update information, please deliver the updated details and attach all necessary files to Remember to include your order number and full name. We will consider any updates received within 24 hours of placing the order.

Terms & Conditions:


These Terms and Conditions ("Agreement") govern the provision of "Topline Vocals" services by Djia Media, Inc. ("Company") to its clients ("Client"). By engaging in any of the services provided by Djia Media, the Client agrees to abide by these terms and conditions.

Topline Vocals Packages and Edits:

The Client may choose from two packages for Topline Vocals services, namely "Topline Vocals (Prewritten Vocals provided by Client)" and "Topline Vocals (Songwriting Required)." Both packages include one set of minor edits. Minor edits must be requested within 48 hours of Djia Media delivering the asset to the Client. If the Client requires additional edits beyond the initial set of minor edits, one round of minor edits will be available for an additional fee of $79 for a revision round. Djia Media will deliver final vocals as raw, unmixed wav files (only printed with autotune) for the client's demo use. Mixing and mastering will be the responsibility of the clients. Djia Media will apply rough mixing, such as reverb when delivering the rough mp3 prior to delivering the final raw wav files. Assets will be delivered within 5-7 business days from the order being placed.

Songwriting and Compositional Ownership:

If any songwriting is required as part of the "Topline Vocals (Songwriting Required)" package, Djia Media shall

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