Founder Joanne Hadjia, better known as Joey Djia, is a creative powerhouse hailing from Australia and based between Los Angeles and Sydney. Her passion for music began at a young age, but as she navigated the industry, she faced numerous obstacles that hindered her progress. From gatekeepers to unaffordable studio sessions and the challenges of a male-dominated industry, Joey knew there had to be a better way. She envisioned a safe and reliable company that could provide trustworthy services to all creatives, regardless of their background.

Joey started by managing artists and assembling a team of experts to assist with the areas that she found intimidating and difficult to navigate.

With her talent and determination, Joey quickly became an international best-selling songwriter and a co-owner of a successful recording studio chain, RecordBook Studios. She has worked with numerous top-tier artists and major labels, launching her career on Australia's X Factor and mentoring young artists and songwriters. Today, Djia Media has become an international network that offers streamlined platforms for creatives looking for high-quality work at major label standards and independent prices. With Joey's vision and leadership, Djia Media has become a reliable resource for all creatives looking to break into the music industry.

Joey Djia