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Personal Song Service by Joey Djia

Personal Song Service by Joey Djia

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Introducing "Djia Media's Personal Song Service" by Joey Djia 

At Djia Media, we believe that music is a powerful language of love. Joey Djia, a renowned songwriter and performer, is here to help you express your feelings in the most heartfelt way possible. Whether it's a wedding, a first dance, a birthday, a proposal, an anniversary, or a memorial tribute, our Custom Song Service offers you a truly unique and unforgettable gift that will leave a lasting impression on your special someone.

Why Choose Djia Media's Custom Song Service:

1. Joey Djia, Your Personal writer: Joey Djia, an accomplished songwriter and performer, will be your personal songsmith, crafting a melody and lyrics that are a perfect fit for your loved one.

2. Your Vision, Your Song: We offer a flexible approach. You can share your vision and specific details about the song, such as lyrics, themes, or moods, to guide the songwriting process. One round of simple edits will be available if required!

3. Optional Music Inclusion: If you have a specific tune or music in mind, you can provide it to us, and Joey will write and record lyrics that perfectly complement your chosen melody. Alternatively, for an additional $100, we can help you find associated music that suits your song's sentiment.

4. Cover Songs or Original Ballads: Whether you'd like a customized version of an existing song with a few tweaked words to make it uniquely yours or a completely original ballad, Joey can create it for you.

How Djia Media's Custom Song Service Works:

  1. Order Your Song: Start by providing the details of your song, such as the occasion, any specific lyrics you want to include, and your preferences for the song's mood.

  2. Optional Music Selection: If you choose to provide your own music or request associated music, we'll work with your choice to create a song that perfectly matches your vision.

  3. Songwriting and Recording: Joey Djia will work his magic, crafting your personalized song and recording it professionally to ensure the highest quality.

  4. Delivery: Once your song is complete, we'll deliver it to you within 7 business days, ready to be presented on your special occasion.

Order Your Custom Song by Joey Djia Today:

Give the gift of music that speaks from the heart with Djia Media's Custom Song Service. Joey Djia's talent and expertise in songwriting and performance will turn your feelings into a beautiful melody that your special someone will cherish forever.

To order your personalized song, simply provide us with the details and preferences, and Joey will do the rest. Contact us today to make your special moments even more memorable with a custom song from Djia Media.

Review Terms & Conditions. By purchasing this service, you understand this is not for commercial release or use and this is not refundable.

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